We provide support services, information, and interventions to festival goers who find themselves in need of assistance. 2 Step works closely with the medical teams on site at events to ensure comprehensive, continuing care to all those who access the on site services.

We are a client centred support team who are on site 24 hours a day to care for service users and ensure their time is both safe and enjoyable. This is what makes us unique within the festival industry, and we hope to broaden our services to other festivals and events operating on these shores and beyond.

Our safe, supervised respite zone for service users to detach from the chaos of a one day/weekend festival is what we pride ourselves on. With us, people can take some time away to recenter themselves.


24/7 support for duration of festival or event


Information for services in and around the festival site


Centralisation of lost property for ease of recovery


Information on drug use and harm reduction


Emotional support, comfort, advice and listening



While CJ is the face and founder of 2 Step, the team behind him provide invaluable support across areas of social care, counselling, nursing, and addiction support. These individuals are professionals who excel in their fields and have the experience and knowledge to deal with any incident that arises at an event. They are fully qualified to provide support to any individual presenting with any issue that might require welfare services. These issues can range from lost passports to drug induced psychosis.

As each event is different and the demographic of the attendees can vary, the services 2Step offer can be tailored accordingly.