We’re here
to help!

Our safe, supervised respite zone for service users to detach from the chaos of a one day/weekend festival is what we pride ourselves on. With us, people can take some time away to center themselves.




Life Festival

Belvedere House Gardens & Park, Mullingar, Co. WestMeath

Accessing our service onsite

Referral is through two avenues: self referral and medical referral. Self referral is as simple as walking up to us and asking for help. For those who present to the medical tent with varying issues, we are there to assist in the after care of the festival goer once their medical aspects of their presentation to support services have been deemed negligible to their safety. We provide a non judgemental, confidential, open accessible environment 24hrs a day for the duration of the event.

Festival goers accessing our services are logged in by name and time and their stay in welfare is supervised and documented to provide reference and a continuity of care when staff changeover shifts and liaising with the medical team and event control. While with us, support, chats, and care are given for as long as they stay. There is no time limit on a visit for those in need and repeat presentation to the service is both welcome and advised for those who get overwhelmed by their experiences.